FiNo 2021 Meeting

We are delighted to announce that the Sixth Fonologi i Norden meeting will be hosted by the Department of Languages at the University of Helsinki26-27 February, 2021

Previous meetings were held in Gothenburg (2016), hosted by Laura Downing and Martin Krämer, Kristiansand (2017), hosted by Patrik Bye and Allison Wetterlin, Lund (2018), hosted by Merle Horne, Shinichiro Ishihara, Sara Myrberg, and Mikael Roll, Edinburgh (2019), hosted by Pavel Iosad, and Drammen (2020), hosted by Islam Youssef and Miguel Vazquez-Larruscain.

We invite submissions on any topic in phonology (including work in progress). Abstracts related to Nordic phonology are particularly encouraged. Please e-mail your abstract in PDF format by November 22, 2020 to: 

The abstract should not exceed one A4 page, with 2.45 cm margins, 12 point font, single line spacing. Please indicate in the file or email if you would prefer to give a talk or present a poster.

Important dates:
Abstract submission deadline: 22 November, 2020
Notification of acceptance: 18 December, 2020
FiNo Meeting: 26-27 February, 2021

The meeting will be held online (Zoom).

Everyone is invited to share some of their work with us, and help us build the Nordic phonology network. We look forward to receiving your abstracts!


Lotta Aunio

Ricardo Napoleão de Souza

Johan Schalin

Department of Languages, University of Helsinki


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