FiNo 2021 – Information for Presenters


Talks will last 20 minutes, plus 10 min for discussion. These will take place live via Zoom (link to be provided later).

Presenters may pre-record their talk, in which case they should send the video to FiNo organizers approximately one week before the event.

Pre-recorded videos will then be played in the assigned slot, but it is expected that presenters will be join the Zoom session to answer questions during the Q&A.


Poster presentations will all take place in a single session, one after the other. The same Zoom link will be used for talks and posters (to be provided later).

Poster presenters will have 5 minutes to give a brief talk describing their findings (i.e. 5 min per poster). After all presentations are done, authors will be assigned to individual breakout rooms, where attendees can ask questions and further engage with presenters.

The Q&A sessions in the breakout rooms will last until the end of the poster session. Note that attendees might join the breakout room at any time during the session.

For this online format, “posters” should be made into presentation slides using Microsoft Powerpoint or similar software (e.g. GoogleSlides).

There could be, for example, between 5 and 7 slides in total, including the slide with the title and an optional slide with references. The following suggestion could be used to organize a poster presentation: 

TitleSlide :: Background :: Method1 :: Method2 :: Results :: Discussion & Conclusion :: Reference List

General Tips for Zoom Presentations

The University of Helsinki has a webpage with tips and guidelines for a successful conference presentation and Zoom, as well as security info, in the link below:

UH’s Practical Information for Online Presentations

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