Fonologi i Norden – Phonology in the Nordic Countries

FiNo, which started as FiSk (Fonologi i Skandinavia) in 2016, is intended as a platform for phonologists working in the North of Europe to discuss their ongoing work in an informal atmosphere. At the first meeting, which was attended by phonologists from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Scotland, we realised that the name FiSk was too narrow, since it excludes Finland. The term Nordic Countries includes Finland, but not Scotland. However, we interpret the term broadly as inviting scholars somehow professionally linked to, interested in, or working on phonological issues pertaining to the Nordic Countries. This doesn’t mean that you have to work on a Nordic language (North-Germanic, Sami, Finnish…) to submit an abstract to the meeting.

The meeting is mobile and will be organised every February in a different Nordic country.

To learn more about previous meetings browse the blog archive.

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